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Camera and sensor calibration


To assure road safety, car manufacturers are working to make cars safer and easier to drive. They come up with different safety devices that can analyze the situation on the road and warn driver it there’s any potential dangerous situation on the road. The amount of these devices differs depending on a car model and manufacturer. One of these devices is a camera, that’s mounted into a windshield and:


city safety2

Gives impulses to car’s braking system and stops the vehicle when there’s any dangerous obstacle in front (person on the road, another vehicle, animal etc). This function works while driving in the city (up to 50 km/h).


Controls moving between lanes and warns driver if there’s any potential danger (ex. if the driver falls asleep, because, the statistics show that’s one of the most common reasons for road accidents).


Recognizes road signs and warns if driver misses them (ex. speed limits). During the dark time of the day, assistant controls high and low beams.


Lukturu korekcija

Recognizes oncoming traffic and moves car beams so the light doesn’t blind the oncoming driver and changes the direction of lights before road curves. Video




Some car services don’t think that recalibration is necessary after putting in a new windshield, but would you feel safe knowing that seatbelts won’t fix at the right time or if airbags would go off a minute after the accident?

We don’t think so!

For camera to work properly, it must be recalibrated:

  • if there’s any malfunctioning of the device
  • windshield has been changed
  • if the wheel alignment is changed
  • height (ground clearance) has been changed due to different tires or lowering the car
  • there has been any kind of repairs on the body of the car
  • camera or its control unit has been changed

We offer this service using Hella Gutmann diagnostic tools and CSC calibration tool.

We are the only car service in Vidzeme region that offers this kind of calibration.

After the calibration client gets a list of the entire process.

We also offer rain and light sensor checkups and calibration.